Lukas Koning

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Lukas Koning

Date of Birth

Lukas Koning was born September 4, 1978, at Burgervlotbrug, The Netherlands.

Biographical Info

Lukas Koning graduated in (social) psychology at Leiden University in 2004. He wrote his master thesis on the influence of social motives on coalition formation. His thesis research focused on the question whether groups exclude others more readily than individuals.

After graduating, Lukas started as a PhD candidate at Leiden University in 2005. His dissertation focused on the use of deception in bargaining. Ih his dissertation, an instrumental approach to deception is forwarded to explain when and why bargainers use deception. The results showed that the use of deception is determined by both the goals bargainers pursue and the means they have available to reach these goals.


Lukas' current research focuses on the interpersonal effects of emotions. Building on the EASI framework by Gerben van Kleef, his current research shows that emotions have a significant impact on others around us.

Current Info

Residence: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Profession: Postdoctoral Researcher
Languages spoken: Dutch, English and a little French

Contact Info

University of Amsterdam
Department of Social Psychology
Roetersstraat 15
1018 WB Amsterdam
The Netherlands